Now all the things falls in the wrong places-2

Indian Readers

Part 2 of 2

Now, that the juvenile bill has been passed I am glad that they added the clause for the cases of heinous crimes. Although some bullish were asking to make it default for all types of crimes.


No matter how much a law/rule is strict, you will always find one who will still defy that rule/law or commit the crime. So, changing a law to send those 1 or 2 persons behind the bars is definitely not the good idea.


I assume whoever is reading this post is most probably from the 90s. So, there were no cameras installed in the cafes, metros (inside the metro trains), schools, etc. still the crimes were happening but there was no media. Now, we have social media, TVs, internet in almost any house in the country (may be not to those one who have no houses and they are forced to spend their nights on the foot paths, maybe that’s why they are not aware of getting killed by someone’s car); Anyways, now we have adopted every security measure we can crimes are still there but this time media is very active (remember one thing you also falls under the same definition of so called media).


Today’s media has adopted the Gandhi Ji’s way (modified version)

Don’t see anything good, don’t speak anything good, and don’t listen anything good.


Some of our fellow countrymen don’t believe in India’s law and judiciary system but they believe more in what that news channel is broadcasting or what their neighbour is talking about. They have more concern what’s being cooked in the neighbourhood.


There are still 3 questions left unanswered in the 2015:

  1. Why katappa killed bahubali?
  2. Who was driving the Salman’s car that night?
  3. How many husbands does Indrani have?


I hope these will be answered in the coming 2016 (SARCASM).


Elon Musk should meet Salman khan, maybe he could help him developing the driver less cars after all Salman does have experience of 13 years (WOW!).


Nowadays police is busy investigating no. of husbands Indrani had in the past, so that the case will be solved sooner than later.


I want to ask those fellow media and protesters, what difference does it make?


Salman’s car ramps 4-5 people, 2-3 died and 1-2 get punished for their whole life. But, still court doesn’t have the answer who was driving the Salman’s car (but court seems to be very kind and fair, BS!), there were no protest against the court’s decision. Again BS!


Now, the answer for what I promised in the last post.


In those countries, laws are so non-sense for the crimes. You have the right to hang someone for the crime but you definitely not have any right to make someone handicapped. You know what I want to say here. In those countries girls and women are not allowed to wear this and that. And still some of our country fellows can’t stop cribbing about their modern-ness of those countries.


We change the law to punish those 1 or 2 people but we are not bothered eabout to revis or review laws which are being continuously misused by lakhs of people. May be because in these cases the criminal doesn’t kill the victim but the victim kill himself/herself.


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