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Part 1 of 2

Now, I am writing this post to make you aware of some facts which are buried by our politicians & fellow media. The facts are all about the recent juvenile case. Sit tight and give it a read. Please keep patience it will be a pretty long read.

I know that first thing that comes into your mind is that this criminal should be behind bars forever or should be hanged and laws should be changed to include the minors also. I do agree with the first argument (about extended punishment) but I strongly disagree that laws have to be changed. Laws are already good enough they must have been made due to some strong reason.

You know what, in our country women safety laws are already over-strict & whenever any law becomes over-strict then it started causing more harm than good. It increases the misuse percentage of the law.

That’s exactly what currently happening in India. We always say our country laws are very weak and useless. If you think laws are not strict enough to stop committing the crime then tell me why your father or brother never messes up with any girl or women in the public places even if you’re damn right and she is damn wrong? They often say “Chod jaane de koi case-vase kar diya toh jindagi kharab ho jayegi”.

Let us try to understand this perspective through an example:

Suppose, there are 100 criminal cases are going (of same type) on 100 persons. 90 persons are actual criminal & 10 are false accused or framed ones.

There are two base structure on which strictness of any law decided:

  1. Give the punishment to 95 persons and set those 5 framed ones free.
  2. Give the punishment to 70-75 persons and set the rest free including those all 10 framed ones.

If you agree with the first choice then tap the back button of your phone or PC, you don’t need to read further you can leave now. I know that’s harsh but I-JUST-CAN’T-MAKE-YOU-UNDERSTAND-THE-FACT.

Now, come to the latter.

If you agree with the 2nd choice, continue reading…

—TIP—–if you’re tired to read this just take the screenshots of this post so that you can read it later when offline-*-*-*-*-*—-

In India all the laws are made according to the 2nd base structure. In fact, not just India all the country’s laws are made according to the 2nd choice except some of those like Dubai, Iran, Iraq, etc. please don’t relate this religiously. I will give you some justification over this comment in the page 2 of 2.

That was just a hypothetical example, real situation is just opposite. According to latest data (2013-14) provided by NHRDC, 90% molestation and domestic violence cases are false, (50+)% rape cases that are filed every year are false.

These nos. matters the most. You must be thinking what these nos. represent.

Nowadays, we’re busy in blaming court and system for all the pending cases.

You know why these cases are pending for years? Because the judge don’t give decision. Why judge take so much time to give the decision? Because the judge in fact most of the persons present in the court room know who the criminal is and who the victim is, who is framed and who is framing.

Let assume you’re judge in the court and you are handling one of such cases and you know that the male side is innocent, they are framed by his wife or her parents or someone else. What will you do?

That framed guy is helpless because there is no law that he can use in his defense. You directly can’t give the decision in the favour of him because you will use some act to specify why he is going free. Right? Because there is no act in the favour of men. So, at last you will just keep the case pending for years & years to save him from the punishment as you can’t help him and you also don’t want to give the wrong decision.

Let’s get back to square one, [According to NHRDC there are 1000s of cases running in which a 20-25 year old sister accuses her own young blood brother (15-18 yr) in the charges like sexual harassment just to get the property.]^ WHAT THE F**K is this? Don’t think “ki yeh toh bakwas hai aisa toh ho hi nahi sakta”. In the other way round you’re 99.9999% (because we can’t neglect the possibility) right; interesting thing is court also think the same as you. But, there is no law available for that purpose in favour of the accused one. How would you feel if it happens with you? You will get very angry even if it is happening with someone you know closely. Isn’t it? However there is one clause of being the minority he would be given further assistance thorough the court or Govt.

^similar type cases

That why I don’t think the law should be changed. If the law changed we are killing those 1000s of boys those who don’t even know what the hell is exactly happening with them & most of all this will give an extra weapon to those shitty women out there.

So, please just stop saying that laws should be changed.

That juvenile belongs to the 0.00001% of the criminals that has no relation to the humanity. We can’t change a law permanently because there are only 100 persons like him in the country population of 125,00,00,000. The chances of happen it again even much lesser than we suspect. If the laws get changed its not an easy task to revert back to original due to some media and political issues.

At this point you must be thinking that I am anti-women type but try to understand that I am anti-criminal. I am not saying all the women are criminals, 99% are very good as your mothers and sisters; at the same time 99% of men are also not criminals they are also good as your fathers and brothers. Particularly I hate this fixed mentality of “all men are dogs” but remember one thing dogs are the MOST FAITHFUL animal in the world.

I am also in the support of all the living beings those who want to extend his punishment to few more years but I am against in changing the law permanently.

At last will say one thing don’t follow the herd just because you want to show sympathy and you won’t be liked by others. If you hear something at least first check its authenticity and reason behind it then judge it.

“Less information is more harmful than no information”.

“Every women is not innocent, every men is not guilty”.


Sorry for the typing mistakes if any. If there is any spelling mistake let me know immediately.

Disclaimer: These are just personal thinking you may be think differently.

If you can take some time to see this video. MUST watch this finally a women spoken over it at TEDex.


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