Nisha: Ma’am, How much more time it would take for rest of the treatment?
Doctor: Why? Why are you asking this?
Nisha: It’s been more than 2½ year, it’s still not there.
Doctor: It will take little bit more time to get it done.
Nisha: How much approximately?
Doctor: About 8-10 months more?
Nisha: That means most probably my college will be over before the treatment.
Doctor: So?
Nisha(laughing 😆): That means no boyfriend before the college ends!
Doctor: Hmmm…
Nisha: Ma’am my teeth alignment braces…
Doctor: Oh! Yeah it is.
A 13 year old sitting in adjacent chair equipment speaks, “ What does your braces have to do with the boyfriend?” “How these two are related?”
Nisha: ………


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  1. Aphrodite says:

    What happens next?


    1. Nothing, it was just on the perception about beauty.

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      1. Aphrodite says:

        I got that but I just thought it might continue. Good one though. 🙂

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