Very Rich

John: So, you want to become very sucessful and rich? Right?

Sameer: Yeah! Of course who doesn’t want to be? But, successful not very rich.

John: Why? Everbody is chasing after money. Don’t you?

Sameer: Yeah. A little bit. I only want a decent income which will fulfill me and my family usual needs.

John: Why?

Sameer: It becomes very difficult to know who are your real friends and lovers. Who does actually care for you genuinely and who is just after you money?

It is already difficult to find real friends and genuine lovers, I just don’t want to make it more difficult for me.

That’s why not very rich.

John: Oh! Very great philosophy. I’m impressed with your thoughts. But, don’t you think this problem will persist if you are very successful? Isn’t it?

Sameer: I only agreed for very sucessful not famous…did I? Hmmm…..?

© Abhi M


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